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‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

Most of us think that we ourself are sufficient and the only controller of everything. Whatever we have is because of our own hard work.It is true that one has to put his efforts, for no one can survive without working. But it's also that we get only what is destined for us besides the… Continue reading ‘ Nothing is Impossible with God ‘

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Lord’s External Energy.

It works only when each battery has positive and negative poles. In the Bhagavatam, it's stated that both the Good and the bad appeared from the Lord's chest and back respectively to balance the rate of birth and death. Krishna’s external energy consists of all that is matter: the material world, the laws of material… Continue reading Lord’s External Energy.

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Desires- Mind- Consciousness

"Mind always searches some reason to be dissatisfied." Desires are similar to wild fire. As much we feed it, it will crave for more. There is no end and sometimes we take wrong decisions to fulfill our desires, because of lust our conscience is covered with dust of Materialistic desires and we cannot distinguish between… Continue reading Desires- Mind- Consciousness


Vision 57

Spirit and matter are completely contradictory things. All of us are spiritual entities. We cannot have perfect happiness, which is our birthright, however much we may meddle with the affairs of mundane things. Perfect happiness can be ours only when we are restored to our natural state of spiritual existence.© Maya

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Vision 56

There are only two categories of happy people in the material world: fools and transcendentalists. Fools are so oblivious that they manage to convince themselves that they are happy in this material prison. Transcendentalists are happy because they can see above the material dualities and know that their parole is at hand. Everyone else is… Continue reading Vision 56

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Vision 37

Consciousness is originally pure, like water. But if we mix water with a certain color, it changes. Similarly, consciousness is pure, for the spirit soul is pure. But consciousness is changed according to the association of the material qualities.As long as our consciousness is materialistic, there is no room for joy. However on the spiritual… Continue reading Vision 37