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I am surprised to see the world changing a bit everyday, but change is the law of nature, there is nothing new in it, yet why is it a bit prickly. It is not that I am stringent, in my thinking, I also like change, to learn something new, I have also changed, something to… Continue reading Change


Vision 89

This tight knot of false ego is due to ignorance. As long as one isignorant about his identity, he is sure to act wrong andthereby become entangled in material contamination. This ignoranceof factual knowledge can also be dissipated by spiritual advancement which is the most capable to make us liberal. @Maya


Vision 88

Whatever we are seeing all around is a creation of God which means everything belongs to him. Since we are considering his property as ours, due to material attachments, we are going through all the pains and miseries. As soon as we shall accept this, we shall be liberated. @Maya