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The Universal Truth

"The golden sunlight strikes to the deep folds of my heart to illuminate my eyes with the truth of the universe that seems the same to me as I want it to be." We all see the things differently and make different perceptions about them. Have you ever thought why it is so? For example-… Continue reading The Universal Truth


Vision- 20

In the sun there is great heat and light, and by reflecting the greatness of the sun’s light, the moon in night also appears great. Actually the moon is by nature dark &cold, but in association with sun it also shines Hence by association of the Good friends, one appears good.@Maya


Vision- 70

There is no future in the country where people are securing their political loaves even during the pandemic, rather than coming out of trouble by staying with each other. Right now it's happening all around the world. An indication that humans are heading towards their downfall.@Maya